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Paws In! Beginner Swim-Pool Introduction Class 2/2/23


3 slots available


So, your dog has insane toy drive? Thinking about dock diving, but not so sure your dog will swim in a pool? Here is your chance to get your dog’s “paws in” and find out if this sport might be for him!

Dogs must have some experience swimming (lakes and ponds, off shore rivers, etc). This is your stepping stone to our Intro to Dock Diving class, and will be ramp and pool work only. Your dog must have toy/prey drive. This is not a class for food-only motivated dogs.  Class runs for three weeks and is for dogs 16 weeks or older, and must have received all puppy shots. Dogs must not be people fearful or reactive, and be able to accept hands on from a stranger. Staff members will be in the pool during this class, and DDA reserves the right to terminate class sessions without refund for reactive or aggressive dogs.

NO food treats are allowed on the ramp or pool area.

Classes are held on Thursdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm

Class Dates: 2/2/23, 2/9, 2/16  * NOTE: Make up class in the case of inclement weather is scheduled for 2/23/2023. We will alert you by email if we plan to cancel class for bad weather and we will post cancellation on our Facebook page.

Dogs must be on leash at all times, unless on the dock, or in a crate. 
Items needed:
  • maximum 6 foot standard leash or slip lead
  • a variety of toys that float
  • towels
  • closed shoes/sandals or water shoes (NO flip flops or slides!)
  • water resistant clothing, or a change of clothes for you. Even though you will not be in the pool- you WILL get wet!
  • A crate, if you wish to crate your dog in the building between turns on the ramp.

*All dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations (including kennel cough and parvo) and printed proof of rabies is required prior to participation in any class, lesson or event. And, please understand, we cannot allow any females in heat to participate in class.


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