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The “Hub” of Canine Sports and Fitness is right here!

Diving Dogs Anonymous LLC

Bobbi and Rachael are Dock Diving Coaches and Canine Aquatics Enthusiasts. We look at each dog/handler team and evaluate specific needs. We then create a training program aimed toward those needs to achieve each team’s goals for success. Whether you are new to the sport, interested in teaching your dog to swim, or you are a seasoned competitor, we are here to help! Our slogan is “We’re all WICKED splash happy” and that is our goal: for you and your dog to HAVE FUN and love this sport as much as we do!

Rise and Shine Retrievers
Wes Reed

Wes started duck hunting in the mid 80’s. It wasn’t long before he realized what a well trained retriever would bring to the whole outdoor experience.

Today, Wes and his family own and operate Rise and Shine Retrievers. A full service retriever training facility located in Center Barnstead NH. Not only does he offer all levels of retriever training, but they also breed Labrador and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers from health tested parents. He has run dogs in the UKC/HRC, AKC and NAHRA programs as well as the Lab Club WC/I/X and also the American Chessie Club WD/X/Q tests. He has passed tests from Maine to Florida, sanctioned from 14 different clubs in 9 states. His low pressure, no e collar approach, has brought him multiple breeds from 7 different states for training.

The only thing he enjoys more than hunting and dog training is sharing his 30+ years of knowledge with others.

Canine Strong

Our goal is to help you unleash your pet's pawtential! Through rehab and wellness services, individual and group canine fitness classes, and pet wellness classes, we aim to bring you all of the tools you need to help your pet live their happiest and healthiest life!
Founded in 2021 by two incredible women, passionate about animal health and wellbeing, Canine Strong is your destination for pet wellness in New Hampshire and the surrounding states.
We offer both group and individual sessions of Canine Fitness Training. Our group classes are often geared toward a particular canine population (by age, skill level, or objective) but are still very inclusive and personalized. Our goal at Canine Strong is to create better relationships between animals and their humans through the proper education of both species. Our educational wellness classes are perfect for anyone from pet parents to pet professionals. In addition to our array of classes, we offer Canine Massage and Reiki services.

My Dogs Mind

My Dogs Mind is a community-oriented professional dog training facility. We specialize in basic obedience, behaviour modification, socialization, puppy development, and we even have a day school. We’ve kept it small because that’s what works. My Dogs Mind provides its services in both private lessons and small group classes. We believe in treating both the handler and dog with honesty and integrity; using clear communication and trust for rapid adaption with long-term results. Our common-sense approach combines hours of instruction and handling to keep our training fresh, effective and rewarding.
If you are just beginning your journey with your dog, ready to dive into training or you are looking to improve your relationship with your dog. We already like you! Welcome to My Dogs Mind.

The World's Premiere
Canine Aquatics

DockDogs® was born in 2000 to create a nationally recognized competitive sport based on rules and precedents in Track and Field competitions. Much of DockDogs® Big Air Dog competitions’ popularity comes from having national standards and objective measures that allow people to train competitively and have objective feedback on their progress. Also, our open competitions allow “anyone with a dog and toy” to participate in the sport and have a chance at national recognition. DockDogs® is an organization about having fun and celebrates every improvement with our competitors, staff, sponsors, and spectators. Even an inch improvement over a team’s previous jump is something to be happy about. We continue to work hard to keep the sport as simple and fun as possible, and to create a culture of camaraderie amongst the Novice through the experienced competitors.

We want teams to participate at whatever level they and their dogs can compete, so we created divisions for each of the different disciplines, which in turn allows teams to be ranked and awarded fairly against other competing teams, based on their current performance abilities.

GroveStar Studio
Renée Deal, photographer

Photography is an art, and a means of creative expression. Photography is also technically complex with ever changing variables of light, movement, and a variety of dynamics that make it uniquely challenging. Creating an image while keeping all these factors in mind is an endeavor that Renée finds especially satisfying. Renée has a serious passion for action photography, and loves capturing fun, energetic images. As a lifelong animal lover, she can’t get enough of dog photography.

Some other areas of photography Renée specializes in include rodeo, sports, portraits, concerts, real estate, architecture, and products.

Renée's breathtaking pictures can be found scattered throughout our website.